We are open and fair about the cost of our service.

We offer fixed initial fees for planning services, independent of any requirement to arrange an investment. Should there be a subsequent need to invest, we offer a tiered, reducing scale percentage fee for their arrangement and provision of our ongoing service. Fees are capped for our largest investors.

Before we provide any chargeable services, we will happily meet with you to discuss your circumstances and needs so that we can gain a full understanding of what matters most to you. We can then determine if we are best placed to help. We do not charge for this initial meeting. If we both want to work together we will provide you with a written fee agreement confirming the work to be completed and the specific cost. Only on your acknowledgement of this will we proceed.

Every client has a different level of complexity, however, you will find our typical fee rates below. You will be reassured to know that our ‘Initial Advice’ and ‘Ongoing Advice’ services are very competitive when compared to our peers via research conducted by the Financial Conduct Authority. Source: ‘Survey of Firms Providing Financial Advice (April 2016)‘.

Initial Advice Services

Initial advice includes the time that we spend with you, your existing account providers and any third parties so that we can fully understand your current circumstances and stated needs. We can then create a financial plan to match your circumstances and needs, followed by the recommendation and arrangement of any suitable financial products if required.

Our Initial Fee for Exploration, Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting

It is common for your circumstances and needs to be unclear at the outset. Some exploration, financial planning, analysis & reporting work is often required before the need to arrange a financial product can be determined. In these circumstances, our fee for this work is fixed at the outset.

The fee is based on the amount of time anticipated, and calculated at the following hourly rates:

£100 per hour for Research & Administration

£175 per hour for Advice            

What We Can Provide:

  • A Financial Review – Typically £650
  • Cash Flow Modelling Plans – Typically £1,500
  • Pension Transfer Analysis – Typically £3,000
  • Other Reporting, Analysis or Investigation E.g. Pension Carry Forward, Lifetime Allowance, CGT calculations.

Our Initial Fee for Investment Recommendation & Arrangement

For the recommendation and arrangement of lump sum investments/pensions, or the transfer of an existing lump sum investment/pension to a new product, we charge a one-time initial adviser fee on a tiered percentage of the initial investment amount:

The fee is calculated as follows:

3% of the first £25,000 – Subject to a minimum fee of £500

2% of the next £225,000

1% of the next £750,000

No charge for the remaining amount

If you invested a lump sum of £100,000 the adviser fee will be £2,250 (£25,000 x 3%) + (£75,000 x 2%). This is an aggregate initial fee of 2.25%

The larger the investment the lower the initial aggregate fee as a percentage of the investment, with a maximum initial fee of £12,750 for investments in excess of £1.0M.

Where we deem it appropriate, any directly linked and previously paid Exploration, Financial Planning, Analysis & Reporting adviser fees will be offset against the Investment Recommendation & Arrangement adviser charge.

Our Initial Fee for Regular Premium Products

For pension and investment accounts arranged by regular monthly payment without an initial balance our fee is fixed at the outset based on the amount of time spent at our hourly fee rate.

Typically the arrangement of a Personal Pension is £750

Our Initial Insurance Service

The arrangement of insurance policies pays a commission to our firm (subject to a minimum payment of £500).

Our Initial Mortgage Service

A fixed fee of £500 to advise on each property mortgage transaction. We may also receive a commission from the lender on completion.

Ongoing Advice Services

There is an adviser fee for ongoing planning and support to ensure that you and your financial arrangements keep on track with your initial and evolving goals.

We consider ongoing services to be an integral and necessary part of the financial planning and advisory process.

Our Ongoing Fee for Basic Guidance

For accounts with assets under our management valued at up to £60,000 we offer basic administrative guidance and support for your arranged investment.

Our fee is:

0.75% per annum on the value of your account up to £60,000

Additional services, such as financial planning, a review meeting or any query unrelated to the arranged investment will be quoted and charged for separately.

Our Ongoing Fee for Intermediate Supervision

For accounts with assets under our management valued at between £60,001 and £250,000, we offer annual supervision of your financial strategy, providing you with the essential elements needed to efficiently meet your stated objectives.

Our fee is:

0.75% per annum on the value of your account up to £60,000

0.50% per annum on the next £190,000

Additional services required such as complex financial planning will be quoted and charged for separately.

Our Ongoing Fee for Full Oversight

For accounts with assets under our management valued at more than £250,000 we offer a complete financial planning and advisory service, providing full oversight of you, your financial arrangements, and your life goals.

Our fee is:

0.75% per annum on the value of your account up to £60,000

0.50% per annum on the next £940,000

0.30% per annum on the next £2,000,000                          

0.10% per annum on the next £2,000,000

No charge on the amount above £5,000,000           

The larger the account value the lower the ongoing aggregate fee.

We would be happy to discuss the services offered however full details will be confirmed in writing prior to commencement.

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