A New Definition of Wealth

A New Definition of Wealth

In a change to my regularly written missive, I bring to you a short video conversation I had with the author, academic and behavioural finance expert Brian Portnoy Ph.d CFA.

Brian regularly speaks on and coaches financial wellness across the globe. In his two books, The Investor’s Paradox and The Geometry of Wealth, he tackles the challenges of not only making better investment decisions but also how money figures into a joyful life.

I’ve been lucky enough to get to know Brian over the last couple of years, having originally met at the Morningstar Conference in Chicago where he resides, and I wrote a review of The Geometry of Wealth when it was first released, which you can read here.

My offer of a gift copy to the clients of Bunker Riley Financial Planning still stands if you didn’t get a copy the first time around.

Without further introduction here is our ‘Covid-19 induced working from home’ conversation, where we sum up the real meaning of wealth, touch on behavioural finance and discuss how we can use them both to invest more successfully. I hope you find it useful.

You can find out more about Brian and his work over at the website Shaping Wealth as well as follow him on Twitter.

Please do let me know any of your thoughts about the addition of video content to the blog as it’s something I plan on producing from time to time if I have a guest I feel can offer you genuine value and insight.

Until next time.

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