The US Presidential Election

The US Presidential Election

Today is the day of the US presidential election and this one feels particularly important, even though in reality they ALL should be.

There are some monumental issues at stake and the outcome will likely set the tone not just for the next four years, but beyond.

I’m no US political expert but I’m emotionally invested in some of the issues right now. That’s from a personal and human standpoint as well as the fact I have close American friends here and in the US. Shout out to my local American friends Matt, Kenya, Jason and Maggie! (You should all buy Kenya’s new book here!)

And as much as politics can be life-changing (for two of my friends it could be the difference between another four years in London or a move back home), the impact of politics on long-term financial markets is muted.

Who knows in what direction markets will move over the next few days and weeks, but over the course of decades (your true benchmark), markets tend to go in one direction regardless of who is the president of the United States.


So I know it’s hard not to worry about the impact of the election on your investments, but try to separate the politics from your long-term financial future. Look at this in multiple years and decades, not in days, weeks and months. Your behaviour and investment timeframe are key.

Here’s hoping for a political reset!

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